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25th Anniversary of FCC Decision Enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

25th Anniversary of FCC Decision Enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
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Sunday, January 04, 2009

700 MHz and Wireless Mics
No Resolution Yet

Readers may recall that on November 28, 2007 we published a posting entitled "700 MHz Auctions About to Start - But FCC Hasn't Evicted Wireless Microphones Yet". Well, in the past 13+ months:
  • FCC has finally proposed evicting them,
  • NAB, MSTV, and Shure have asked for an extended phase out period including public safety and other licensees being required to notify wireless mic users to vacate - but not giving the slightest hint how to find this unlicensed and lawless crowd; and recently
  • A coalition including Alcatel-Lucent, APCO, AT&T, CTIA, Motorola, NENA, PISC, Qualcomm, and Verizon Wireless wrote FCC on this issue.
The coalition letter urges
"the Commission to take swift action to ensure that the use of low power auxiliary stations (e.g., wireless microphone systems) in the 700 MHz band does not threaten the future use of important spectrum that is being made available with the DTV transition."
So a lot has happened since SpectrumTalk first pointed out the problem, but nothing has been resolved. Maybe when FCC has to deal with deciding between pleasing the broadcasters and pleasing public safety it really doesn't know what to do?


Nick Ruark said...

Re: 700 MHz and Wireless Mics:
No Resolution Yet

If the FCC were to perhaps re-focus their efforts on the agency's primary mandate - the responsible allocation, regulation, and actual ENFORCEMENT of their wireless Rules, based on the real-world technical realities inherent to RF or wireless - rather than rendering decisions based primarily on perceived or hoped for economic speculation or political pressure or posturing.......but I'm no doubt expecting a miracle with such wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Revolabs wireless mikes are based on UPCS so would not be affected by the imbroglio.

Henry Cohen said...

There are in fact several manufacturers producing wireless mic/intercom/IEM/IFB systems not in the UHF-TV spectrum, much less the 700MHz band. But one has to look at the RF propagation characteristics as well as product design and performance specifications to determine if that product is a viable replacement for the UHF Part 74 device. One, for example, could not use any Revolabs' product as a replacement for an ENG or theatrical system as the form factor, audio frequency response and effective operational range are insufficient.