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25th Anniversary of FCC Decision Enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

25th Anniversary of FCC Decision Enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
A series of posts describing how this all came about. (Click on picture above)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

FCC Adopts Initial TV White Space Rules

FCC acted today to adopt rules to allow unlicensed use of unused TV spectrum as proposed 4 years ago in Docket 04-186. In doing so, it clearly rejected the pleas of the broadcast establishment that stated,
"The Commission’s apparent plan to move forward with future decisions to approve or disapprove sensing-only devices is a mistake of science, proper procedure, and public policy."

The Broadcasting & Cable BC/DC blog lamented
"Broadcasters argue the tests did not support the conclusion reached and want the FCC to put off a vote until the public can comment on its conclusion. But that horse appears to have already left the barn."
It also rejected the cellular establishment's demand of this spectrum for their use on a licensed bases.

In the battle between the "new economy" and the "old economy", represented by the TV broadcasters whose over-the-air viewing audience is small and shrinking, the Commission basically sided with the new economy and innovative technology. This is also the first implementation of a major Spectrum Policy Task Force Recommendation.

The decision is a complex compromise and the details were only briefly described in the meeting which can be reached by clicking the above picture of OET Chief Julius Knapp and primary author Hugh van Tuyl.

Comm. Adelstein stated at the meeting, "White spaces are the blank pages where we will write our broadband future."

I will give the link to the decision text here when it is released:

NY Times coverage

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