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25th Anniversary of FCC Decision Enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

25th Anniversary of FCC Decision Enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
A series of posts describing how this all came about. (Click on picture above)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Julius Knapp Named
Chief, FCC Office of Engineering and Technology

Last week Julius Knapp, a career FCC employee was named by the Commission as Chief of OET, succeeding Ed Thomas who left last year. Consistent with recent FCC practice, there was no public announcement and the OET website, as of this posting, shows the position as "vacant". My congratulations to Julie on this well deserved promotion that recognizes his long contribution to public service at FCC and excellence in engineering, technical policy, and management.

Julie served as the Chief of the FCC laboratory from 1992 to 1997 where he was responsible for the FCC’s equipment authorization program. He has held a variety of other positions during his thirty years with the FCC, including heading the Frequency Allocations Branch in the late 1980’s where he was responsible for FCC frequency allocation proceedings for the cellular service, private land mobile services, and mobile satellite services.

He is the winner of the 2001 Eugene C. Bowler Award, presented annually to an outstanding government employee. He has also been the recipient of both the FCC’s Gold and Silver Medals for his outstanding service and commitment to the Commission. Julie received a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the City College of New York in 1974. He is also a member of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, Inc. Electromagnetic Compatibility Society and is a Fellow of the Radio Club of America. (Source of background: Part-15.org)

No word yet on whether other major
vacancies at FCC in the International Bureau and the Wireless Bureau have been filled, but they appear to still be vacant.

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